Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yahwists, can you see our respect in our mockery?

I was just sitting here laughing me @rse off at yet another appallingly ignorant answer from a Christian. It ended with a devastating sucker punch to the intellectual testicles: "Did you ever see a Black family change into a Chinese family?"

Hang on, hang on, I can't stop laughing! Make it stop! Please!

Ok, but seriously, you Yahwists who know what "Yahwist" means and know which side of a book is "up": for a second, I felt sorry for the guy. It must be really sad to go through life with a mouldy, sopping-wet dishrag wrapped around your head. But then I thought, no, that's condescending. I shouldn't sneer like that at my fellow human beings.

Out of respect for him as an equal, at least as deserving equal consideration if admittedly not my intellectual equal, I decided that I should never condescend. The highest honor I can pay to any human with whom I disagree is never to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt, that I can someday reach him, even if I have to resort to mockery, because to condescend is to give up on him. And that seems a shameful disrespect.

P.S. Do I sound like a pompous, snobbish @rse? Sorry, this guy was just too easy. He dragged it out of me.

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