Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Sinful Nature" Christians- what happens to an infant's soul?

So I’m pretty worked up about this whole idea of the sinful nature. Basically, mainstream Christianity says that you’re born “into sin,” “into Adam,” meaning that you are sinful from the very beginning, even before you commit your first sinful act. This bothers me. What it means to me is that babies and young children who die go to hell. There are a couple of sad attempts floating around to comfort people about this sort of thing, but nothing that stands on any such firm theological grounds as the objection to homosexuality.

This is one of my big beefs with Yahweh: a skewed set of priorities. Why so explicitly and incessantly go on about homosexuality yet make the fate of innocent children so nebulous?

The question is what happens to the soul of a dead infant. Provide chapter and verse support for your answer, or it's thumbs down for you. Also, if your answer looks like you didn't read the whole question, thumbs down on you too.

Best response, posted by "Nicole C", a Baptist

One way to heaven: Salvation provided by God, through Jesus, to the repentant, believing sinner (John 3:16)

1. Man has a sin nature.
2.Without salvation from his sin nature (see #1), he will go to Hell.
3.Upon salvation from his sin nature, he will go to heaven (after death or rapture)
4.Man’s life begins at conception. (We use this to argue abortion)
5.Therefore, at man’s conception, he has a sin nature.
6.Therefore, aborted or miscarriaged babies do not go to heaven.
I don’t like this conclusion; I don’t think anyone does! However, I can find no Biblical argument to the contrary. Many try to formulate an "age of accountability" which I cannot find Biblical support for. Some say, the Grace of God covers there yet un-repented for sin nature, yet I can find no Biblical support for this. Any argument that seems to save these unborn children from Hell, also seems to argue a second way for salvation, or a compromise of some Biblical truth.

My response:

I don't know how you can choose to follow that god, but I appreciate your honesty. Maybe you just trust that he will do the right thing? I envy you that trust.

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