Saturday, February 13, 2010

Really? That's all I get from Jesus?

I just don't understand. When I was trying to be a Christian, I was all over boards like this, promoting Jesus and good will everywhere. But here I am out here now on the Christian boards, begging for a shred of relief from you guys, and what do I get from you? Well, I wish I had a damp rag and a towel with me, I'll put it that way.

I am really, really scared here. Hell is right there in front of my eyes, and it's really awful. I can't love Yahweh. He is my torturer, carrying on the torture set in motion by my dad, whom I also couldn't love. I don't see how that's so hard to understand. I can't love Yahweh. I'm terrified of him, and I'm publicly begging him for some kind of mercy, but I can't love him. Don't you guys have anything to say? I know that it's childish to think that Yahweh might show me mercy and allow me just to cease to exist. But isn't there anything? Everyone is always banging on about how comforting Christianity is.

Best response, posted by "Gary B":

God is everywhere. But since God seems so far away from you -- WHO MOVED?

YOUR problem is that you are following Allah , not Yahweh. Allah is the god of Death, which is what you seek. The BEST way to get to Allah is to DIE in His name.

Yahweh is a God of Life. The best way to get to Yahweh is to LIVE IN HIS NAME.

Since you are asking to die, you are NOT asking for Yahweh's will to be done, and are in fact closer to Allah. The problem is not that God has rejected you, but that YOU have rejected GOD.

God does NOT "help those who help themselves", but instead, he help those who turn towards Him.

Stop being such a baby! Turn TO god without fear and without seeking to die, and He WILL turn to you GLADLY.

My response:

Jesus has really transformed you into a seriously compassionate being. I grew up being tortured and molested, and I can't figure out how to avoid eternal agony, and I'm now to stop being such a baby? Jesus has really shaped you

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