Friday, February 26, 2010

I call the lie on political correctness

A couple of days ago a very clueless mental health professional asked me to respect my sister's religious beliefs. Sounds really nice, doesn't it. But can we take into account the fact that my sister's religious beliefs involve:

1a) Billions of human beings will burn, undying, forever, in literal agony in a place called hell.

1b) I myself am most likely one of those billions.

2) She and all other Christians will watch all of us being thrown into hell, then praise forever the person who sentenced us there.

3) As an added bonus to Christians, this hideous filth of a deity will erase their memory so they'll never suffer any anguish thinking of all of us, suffering just around the corner, for all eternity.

(Note that this ghastly philosophy is not nearly as rare as you might expect. My ex-mother-in-law and her cronies believe exactly the same thing, as do my former Star-Trek-Friday-Night "friends".)

I am done with political correctness with respect to other people's religious beliefs. I am fine if someone else wants to pray to a cosmic cookie, or even a revolting god like the one described in the Christian old testament. But I refuse to have any truck with anyone so aggressively and basely condescending. I am no respecter of religious beliefs that make me less-than, undeserving of basic dignity such as the right not to be tortured for all eternity, in someone else's eyes.

You might think that the rant would end there. But that's my new take only on Christianity. I have a few words for Islam as well. And I don't mean the monsters who go around shoving a 747 up your nose so they can get some virgins and--paradoxically--spend eternity doing something that they've been taught their whole lives is immoral. Strange ethics, there, and Christians, you're the same with your streets made of gold and gates made of pearl. That's precisely the kind of excess that many of you condemn here on earth as immoral.

I have a new standard response to any Muslim I meet. So far, it has prevented me making any Muslim friends. I take this as a sign that I have found a monumental weak point in their philosophy. Specifically, the fact that women are considered less-than even by moderate Muslims. Here's what I have to say to all Muslims:

Women have the right to participate in pornography. Women have the right to have sex with whomever they wish. Women can protect their own virtue without the help of homosexual, homophobic men. It is none of any man's business if a woman gets an STD. It is only her own business.

Women have the right to wear whatever they like in public, even a bikini. Women have the right even to go naked in the many public places where nudity is legal--their bodies belong to themselves, not some despicable, terrified, snot-nosed little boys masquerading as men. Women are strong, and smart, and will throw off all oppression. Women of Islam, I support you against your ignorant, backward overlords!

No one is suggesting that women be forced into any of this. I'm just saying that women belong to themselves and can do whatever they want in spite of you snivelers.

I have been criticized at times for never going after Jews. That's only because so far nothing Jewish is in my face. I'm all ears if the Jews are behaving like these others.

There. No more respect for beliefs. I respect your right to have your own thoughts. That's every human's basic right. Keep your thoughts out of the laws that affect people who don't share your thoughts. And stop taking the law into your own hands to impose your thoughts on us. All of you who continue to do so, I address you now: you are my sworn enemies and I will not be politically correct.

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