Saturday, February 13, 2010

Would it be a moral victory to defy Yahweh at the judgment?

I propose that all of us who hate Yahweh make a pact with each other. At the judgment, we all march silently into hell (for as long as we can contain our screams of agony anyway), without being forced, willingly and with dignity. We all stare directly into God's eyes as we do this. There will be billions of us. He won't be moved, obviously. Actually, he has it easy because he's not making eye contact with any one of us. Just looking out over a vast sea of suffering humanity.

Yes, I have a question. Will this be thought of by anyone as a moral victory? Obviously those of us screaming in agony will have immediately forgotten about morality, or indeed any happiness that we've ever experienced in this life. But I wonder, Christians, will any of you look at that spectacle, billions of screaming but deathless humans, realizing that the torment will never, never end--in a thousand years you could come back and still see us there, ever the same, screaming and flailing in agony, knowing that the previous thousand years are nothing compared to eternity--and, just for a second, wonder if it's really the right thing?

I am often confused by Christian "compassion", especially when I think about the above. I hate Yahweh, and I think that it's excellent that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals have found extended avenues for sexual pleasure, and I believe in compassion. It seems that I'm the opposite of a Christian. A Christian will read the above paragraph and be unmoved, while I can't think of a human being being burned alive for even a thousand seconds without cringing. Even if the human was Hitler. Torture is just wrong. If you're offended by my sympathy for Hitler in particular, read this.

Will any of you, filled as you are with Jesus' messages of compassion, ever go to Yahweh and ask him to put a stop to it? You know he won't, but with the last shred of decency in your human heart, wouldn't you just want to try? No matter how "wrong" any of us was during life, being the best dad and the best man I can but hating Yahweh for putting this future in front of me? To ask him to please have mercy on all of us billions? Would you even be able to formulate the question with our screams ringing in your ears? Wouldn't you experience a sort of madness?

Best answer, posted by "Graciela, RIRS"

Wow, it seems as though you really peaked into my own mind from when I was a Christian. I had these same thoughts about standing up to God and his eternal torture chambers when I was a child. How sad! I was only a child. I should have spent more time playing and being innocent rather than feeling sick at the thought of fiery torture chambers for people of the "wrong religion". Imagine my feelings of sadness visiting a Buddhist temple, a Hindu shrine, and a Muslim mosque with those horrible teachings in the back of my head. I even wished I had never been born so that I wouldn't have to worry about dying and going to hell. It's sick. After I read the Bible, did a lot of research, and became an atheist, I feel so much freer now, and not afraid. I was afraid for a while because it's hard to deprogram yourself something that was taught in childhood. Anyway, I couldn't live with myself if I spent an eternity in heaven singing praises to the Bible monster known as God.

My response: This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. I'm jealous of you, but hopeful that I can somehow join you in that place. Still trying.

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