Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why doesn't God set a minimum marriageable age?

So Jewish, Muslim, and Christian men and boys have have been marrying little girls for centuries. This is obviously gross. Why does Yahweh bang on about homosexuality but not set an age minimum, especially for little girls, who will always be injured and traumatized on their wedding night, often by virginal, extremely hungry, and oblivious young men?

It's one thing for children to play doctor on each other, and even for consenting teenagers to have sex. It's another thing entirely for sexually and emotionally immature children to be engaged in marriage-related sexual activities, especially young girls who can be injured and traumatized. Yahweh places more importance on killing gays, a mismatch of priorities that calls for an explanation.

Best response, posted by "The_Cricket: Thinking Pink!":

I'm pretty sure if any of us had lived in a time when it was normal for girls to marry at 13 or 14, we would not find it gross. Honestly, what would be gross about an 18 year old guy marrying a 14 year old girl, if the life expectancy was only 35-40? It would be stupid to not marry young in that case.

The only reason we find it "gross" is because we live longer, and women are still considered pretty young at 30. Just 150 years ago, if a woman was not married with several children by the time she turned 30, she was an old maid and would obviously remain one until she died.

My response:

Ok, ladies, now you can see what you're up against with Christianity. Never mind your physical pain on being violated by a boy, or often a fully-grown man two or three times your age. Life expectancy trumps morality. The fact that you will die young entitles men to rape and traumatize you as a girl.

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