Sunday, February 28, 2010

Petition for a Religious Freedom for Children Act

There are millions of American children whose minds are being scarred with the most hideous image conceivable as a possibility for their future: eternal agony in a place called hell. More and more people are recognizing the mythical nature of hell, but there are still millions of them teaching this filth to their children. I was one of these children. It is time for society to take a deep breath and face a new complexity in modern life.

Religious freedom applies not only to adults. An adult has the right to choose his/her own religious philosophy and behavior. Why do not children have this same right? And what gives any adult the right to scar a child's psyche with two concepts that should never exist in the child's mind even singly, much less in combination: torture and eternity?

I know nothing of law or how petitions work, and I'm sure that my sentiments are hopelessly naive. But please sign my petition anyway, and if you know of any way that a movement like this could be promulgated, even brought to public light, please let me know. I've had enough of kids being tortured by their parents.

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