Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christians please respond to my survey?

Yahweh told Israel to kill Amalekite babies and it was good for Israel to do so. Yahweh told someone that abortion is murder and then suddenly it is bad to kill babies. If Yahweh comes back and tells you to kill babies, will you do it?

Best answer, posted by "DA_waterwalker":

Those babies were innocent and sure to go to heaven, if they were allowed to live they would have surely grew up to be rebellious Idolatrous sinners and a thorn in the side of the Israelite, the same as their parent were and God knew this. So there was a very good reason for God commanding them to kiss even the babies of the Amalekites, that's how deep the roots of their corruption went.

My response:

My friend, I hope that I never have to look into your eyes. I am terrified of what I would find there.

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