Monday, February 15, 2010

A direct response from a Christian

I got this email in response to (one of my Yahoo! Answers posts), from "smartalec02":

What kind of compassion do you want? Puffed up words? Empty words? What kind of compassion do you wish to be conveyed over the Internet in a Yahoo! Answers reply?

Compassion is this. Jesus Christ died for your sins, because He loves you, personally, and wants to have a relationship with you. That is the answer to your troubles, if you want it... take it. If you don't want it, then reject it.

Your problem is that you are rejecting God, His love, and his mercy, perhaps because you don't believe He really loves you, or is really merciful. Well, He does, and He is. You need to put your faith in Him, and your struggles will begin to make more sense in light of your own sin, and the payment for that sin God made for you, in sacrificing his Only Son, Jesus.

My response:

You ask what kind of compassion I might expect over the internet. Well, the atheists out here have had no trouble showing loads of it, while you and your spiritual siblings have had no trouble showing loads of the opposite. So I don't find it to be an unreasonable expectation, and the "evil" people among us obviously agree with me.

Thanks for your cluelessness. You guys are the worst sort of people, and I understand now why you think that Yahweh is necessary to your being a good person. It takes Yahweh even to drag you guys up to a barely acceptable minimum of decency. Without him, you guys really would be the barbarians and savages you claim you'd be, and even with him, you're barely tolerable in decent society.

But atheists are better. They don't need Yahweh's S&M brand of compassion, or the insulting bitch-slaps perpetually presented by Yahweh's children as signs of his infinite love and mercy. They've found something better. They, with their compassion, and Christians, with their aggressive lack thereof, have helped me immensely over the last few days to find the truth.

You want to tell me what my problem is, but I say that I no longer have a problem. I'm over the hump. I'm watching Yahweh dissolve before my very eyes.

Thank you and all your siblings for your beautiful evangelization "attempts". This is not a god of love. It is a god of hatred, glibness, pettiness, stupidity, and downright not-even-wrongness. OF COURSE I'm rejecting him. It's the only sane response. You can have your deity, and especially, he can have you all.

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