Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are Christians Really More Compassionate and/or Wise?

I really don't know how many people view the questions that are posted here, but I get the impression that it's in the thousands. What I'm confused about is that I have been begging you guys all night for anything, anything at all to relieve my torment, and I've gotten some of the stupidest, most banal, morally bankrupt answers imaginable.

I thought that Christianity is supposed to be the source of many deep truths. Why aren't there any truths for me? Why is it that the best Christianity can come up with is chaff like, "Go to a prayer group" (you obviously haven't read anything I said), "Pray", "Seek God", "You're obviously a troll making stuff up", "You've made your bed, now sleep in it", "It's not God's fault that you're going to hell".

Now is your chance to prove that Christianity really has something valuable to offer. Show me how to get some relief from this torment. Tell me about the deep, deep wisdom of the creator of the universe, which is going to make my pain go away and somehow enable me not to suffer burning agony throughout all eternity. I'm tired of typing.

If Christianity is so great, then how come I'm getting such low-quality answers from you guys? Shouldn't The Truth result in exceptional wisdom and compassion? Why isn't it showing up in your responses?

Best answer, posted by "E M I L Y":

you are lost and I love you and I am here for you, whenever. I can honestly say I am a christian, saved by Gods love, mercy, and grace. But I can completely relate with you because all I've noticed lately are completely fake christians who claim to be follows of christ but in no way act like it.

Honestly, I didn't read your questions but whatever it is God is there to help you, seriously. Like I can't even put into words how much God has transformed my life, and it suddenly wasn't about fitting in, or going to church, or practicing religion. It was about being best friend, and a sister of GOD. Can you imagine how awesome that is? like whenever im feeling hurt or down or broken, I turn to God and im just like look dude, im trapped and I need you and he always builds a bridge for me to walk over. I love you, God loves you.

I pray that you will find your way, and email me if you need anything.


My response:

You didn't read my questions. I appreciate your honesty and compassion.

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