Thursday, February 18, 2010

My take on California's marriage amendment

I just want this to be at the top of my blog for a while.

In 2008 California's Proposition 8 was accepted by voters, and the following provision was added to the California Constitution's Declaration of Rights, Section 7.5:

Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

Before Proposition 8, marriage was an expression of love between two people. Now, marriage is an expression of hatred between two groups of people. Or more specifically, from one group of people toward everyone else in the world.

I was going to leave it at that, but there's another, more fundamental statement that needs to be made: the words "man" and "woman" as enshrined in our law are discriminatory. About as often as twins are born, children are born with genitals that are not entirely identifiable as male or female. Often the genitals are fully functional for all of the best functions. Still doctors typically perform "sex assignment", meaning surgery to sort of pin down the sex of the baby to either male or female.

This is self-evidently wrong. If the child's genitals are deemed fully functional (for everything!) and can be safely left alone to allow the child to grow up and make its own choice, then the child's genitals should be left alone. Further, some of these kids are boys, regardless of their equipment; some are girls, regardless of their equipment; some are something else, neither boy nor girl, but not something in between either. Something other. And not just a single, third sex. There might as well be a continuum from male to female, as far as genital configurations and sex identification are concerned. These kids grow up into beautiful adults just like the rest of us, and they fall in love and want to marry also. But they are often neither men nor women, and those who are legally one or the other have often been mis-assigned from birth.

Our entire body of law is discriminatory. We need to get rid of the words "man" and "woman" in our law, and we can start with California's Declaration of Rights, Section 7.5.

One last dig I've always wanted to make at the Prop 8 proponents: You spent almost $40 million on the campaign, using, among other slogans, "Protect marriage." What I want to know is why, if you wanted to protect marriage, you have never spent a dime trying to make divorce illegal. Divorce causes far more damage to children than non-traditional marriage ever could to society.

Man, I hope we can get rid of this despicable provision soon.

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