Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bible literalists only, please: how to tell literal truth from metaphor in the bible?

Please, atheists and moderates, I already know what you'll say. I'm addressing my question only to people who believe (1) that Genesis is literally accurate so the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, and (2) that at some point in the future billions of human beings will be cast into a literal lake of fire and tormented in deathless agony for all eternity.

I asked earlier why literalists still have their hands and eyes (Matt 5:29). I got a lot of silly answers from non-literalists. I'll try wording the question a different way. If you believe in the literal account of Genesis (young Earth), but then think that Matt 5:29 is metaphor (cut off hands, gouge out eyes), then why do you believe in hell? Can't the accounts of hell, such as Luke 16:23, also be metaphor? Why is it that we have to believe in a literal hell but we don't have to cut off our hands (masturbation is a sin, ie, an "offense") and gouge out our eyes (lust is a sin)?

Best answer, posted by "Me thats it <3":

In Genesis the people didn't understand how the earth was cause you had to remember that it was a long time ago. So when they wrote it they thought it was true. Now that we are educated we know more. The story in the bible might be wrong but the concept like God creating the earth is true.

For Matt people back then did cut off hands and eyes.

its seems that you are really intrested in this stuff and i learned alot from school scene i got to Catholic school but maybe you should go to a bible study or something they can answer a lot more correctly about stuff than yahoo answers

My response:

I feel really badly for you, trapped in that terrible, dark place. I hope at least that your body and your mind are safe from weirdos.

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