Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eternal hellfire literalists: how will you explain it to yourself?

This question is only for you who believe literally that people will burn deathlessly in agony for eternity if they don't know Jesus. The rest of you, please, I'm addressing questions to many different groups, so you'll get your chance.

The question: at some point, you will have the opportunity to watch as I and billions of other people are thrown, screaming in agony, into the lake of fire. Will you watch? Will you look at God and praise him? Will your praise be born of admiration, or fear? How will you justify our screams to yourself? Will you cover your ears? Will our screams haunt you? Did you cringe at the scene in Titanic where a thousand or so people were dying in the water? Did that prepare you for millions of us in fire, not even able to die? What if some of those screams are coming from the mouths of your loved ones? Will you ask God to make you forget? My sister thinks that God will make her forget me.

Don't think this is a rant; it's an honest question. I hate Yahweh but I'm scared to death to go to hell. I want to know what to expect from you people when the time comes.

Some doofa (feminine of doofus) came back and posted that she would not be happy. I couldn't help but post this back:

I didn't ask whether you'll be happy. I asked whether you'd approve (admire) and praise him, and not fear him just a little bit in a creepy sort of way.

Best response, posted by "CallyD":


My response:

Honest if horrifying answer. Thanks for being one of the few Christians who'll tell the truth to a Yahweh-hater.

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