Sunday, February 28, 2010

I call the lie on political correctness--again

Ok, I'm still trying not to vomit over the fact that there are people here who worship and love a creature who will put 7-year-old children into hell for all eternity. This is a monstrous wrong, and I think that it's time we stopped being politically correct about it. Let them believe what they want in their private self-loathing, but let us find a way to stop them scarring children. I was one of those children. I'll lead the charge. It is time for us to realize that children deserve the same religious freedom as the rest of us, and being indoctrinated at home is not religious freedom.

Go ahead, make me Stalin, say I'm trying to eradicate religion, bullshet. Psychologically scarring children is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. And it is our duty in a decent society to find a way to stop it. And if it means infringing on the rights of believers, then well, here's a precedent: my right not to have a 747 shoved into my ear while I'm having my morning coffee trumps your right to get virgins. The child's right to grow up with a healthy mind sans hideous fears trumps your religious freedom, I'm sorry to say. It's time we stand up for the kids.

You people who tell children that they might (or will) go to hell, I am now your sworn enemy. I hope that others out here and everywhere will join me. Stop hurting children. Now.

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