Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goodbye, Christian Friends

This is a letter I wrote to some Christian friends of mine. It's my first "breakup" from Christians. I intend to break up with all Christians in my life and never befriend any more.

Hi Folks,

No, I'm not killing myself. I've just finally realized a couple of things about our relationship. We are on different paths. You will go to heaven. I will not. Even if your god held the door wide open for me while you stood behind me and pushed, I would not go in. We have been friends, and I feel no animosity toward you. But this divide between us is really just too great. I hope that, even knowing that your god cannot be moved, you will at least ask him to have mercy on me and allow me to really die when I die. I believe that you consider me enough of a friend to honor me in that way, so I'll thank you now, assuming that you'll do it. Goodbye.



  1. Hey, a quick question.. Do you believe in god and choose that you do not want to go to hell or heaven? Or.. Do you not believe in a god anymore, are you atheist?

  2. I'm still asking myself that question every day. Occasionally I move incrementally toward being an atheist, but I still fear hell in the afterlife. I guess you could say that I'm trying to convince myself to be an atheist.