Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is this a good idea for a book?

I was sexually molested and tortured as a child. We were Southern Baptists, so I also was taught at age 13 that I will burn in hell in literal agony for all time. I am now having something like PTSD symptoms and admittedly I'm a bit unhinged lately. Still trying to get better. Yes, therapy and anti-depressants, for you who are concerned for me (probably not Christians).

I've posted a LOT of questions here about sin, hell, morality, etc., and I have to say that I'm really appalled at some of the answers I've received. In fact, appalled at most of them. When I used to follow Yahweh, I worked and worked to be the best Christian I could, and I always tried my best to give well-informed, compassionate, thorough answers to believers and unbelievers alike.

I have to say that I think I was a better Christian than any of you. I have been utterly shocked at the hatred, glibness, moral and intellectual bankruptcy, and just downright stupidity you have promulgated on Yahweh's behalf. I don't think that he's proud of you.

Anyway, my question. So far, I've posted about 25 questions out here and collected the answers. I've marked the most honest answers as "best answer" in most cases. Sometimes I marked the atheist answer as the best, because none of the Christians were honest. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should collect them all together and make a book about my journey through a war zone of a childhood all the way through my victorious triumph over superstition. Of course I'm not there yet; you can see from my questions in the last 24 hours that I am still quite tormented. But maybe a book would be a sort of catharsis.

Would any of you buy it? I don't just mean the Christians; I mean the human beings who care about such issues. Would it be good subject matter? Would it move anyone?

I think that you can peruse the questions I've been asking just by going to my profile and looking at them, if you want to get an idea of what would be in the book.

Best answer, posted by "W.C. Fields":

Dear Great Big: This may sound sarcastic but it IS NOT! Your history and travels and wanting to write a book about them are so familiar to my life experiences that it is uncanny. Yes, YES! Write your book and share these experieces with others. Whether I buy your book or not doesn't matter. Writing this story, your story, will be of immence value to you and maybe many, many others. But the absolute most important thing is to make that book happen!!! Even if it doesn't sell, it is a super great idea and I support your desire 100%. Don't let you or me down please.

My response:

Thanks for the encouragement, W.C. Couldn't send you an email, but wanted to let you know; I'm starting it right now and you'll be in the dedication (as "User W.C. Fields on Yahoo! Answers"--I don't know your real name!). Thanks.

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