Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pseudepigrapha Psalad Psurgery IX(d): Small World, Small God IV

Continuing my comments on the New Testament book known as The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 17, Verse 14: "They will make war against the lamb, but the lamb will overcome them because he is lord of lords..." Why not, "...the lamb will flick them all away like a speck of dust, because he's the baddest"? Make up your mind: is this an omnipotent deity, or just a mighty warrior that has to go to the trouble of actually fighting his enemies? Or is it all for show? But a show for whom? Us? Why is the Supreme Being of the universe so obsessed with impressing humans? And why does it have to rely on violence as its primary tool?

Chapter 18, Verse 6: " her back double for what she has done." So God tells us to be forgiving and merciful, but not because forgiveness and mercy are morally superior attributes. If they were superior, then a good god would manifest them. No, the reason we are to show forgiveness and mercy is that judgment and damnation are the exclusive right of this omni-bully. This helps me to understand how Jesusianismist parents feel totally justified in hitting their children while at the same time teaching the kids not to hit anyone. Well, at least there's some consistency here.

Chapter 20, Verse 12: "The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books." Are you guys getting tired of me pointing out I Corinthians 13:5, which says that love "keeps no record of wrongs"?

Chapter 21
  • Verse 4: "There will be no more...pain". I'm sure that all the people burning in eternal torment will be glad to hear that.
  • Verse 27: No one "who does what is shameful" will ever enter the new Jerusalem. Hmm, drowning babies, burning babies to death, starving babies to death, those all seem pretty darned shameful to me. So Yahweh won't be allowed inside? Now I'm starting to think that I should convert to Jesusianism so I can go to a place where Yahweh will never be allowed to go.
Chapter 22, Verse 15: my final word on the New Testament: this is the fifth time in this book alone where sexual immorality is mentioned as an offense that disqualifies you for entrance into heaven, while not even once are mentioned torture, rape, child abuse, cruelty to animals, environmental irresponsibility, abuse of authority, etc., etc. By all means, be religious, but at least choose a good god. Yahweh-Jesus is not a good god.

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