Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Islarme, Religion of Tears VII: The Great Hematophile-Gonophobe in The Sky

Continuing my thoughts on Islarme, using The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Koran, by authors Sarwar and Toropov, as a provisional guide. Here I cover the last few points of interest in the book.

"There will be a judgment."

As I have indicated in other places, whether Allah exists and whether the Qur'an describes it accurately is entirely beside the point. I'll grant you that Allah exists as described in the Qur'an; sure, it owns everything, including me, and will throw me into eternal torment at some time in the not-far-enough-distant future. But such an admission throws my whole point into sharp relief: Allah is not good. Torture is wrong. Drowning, immolating, and starving babies is wrong. Beating wives and children is wrong. Promoting inequality between men and women is wrong. Racism is wrong. Bottom line: Allah is evil. I cannot support it.

Now the thugs among you may wish to jeer with something like, "You'll be begging for mercy when Allah casts you into the fire!" Yes, you're absolutely correct: if someone tortures me, I'll do what is in my nature to do; why would there be any shame in that? But that will not make Allah right. Allah is evil, hideously evil, and no amount of torture, murder, and oppression will ever change that. Everyone is tired of the Hitler references, so I'll try a change just for fun. Would you have supported President Ceau┼čescu, knowing how evil he was? Would you get up in my face and gloatingly say something like, "You'll support Nicky after he tortures you for a while"? Would that make him right? How can you tell the difference, morally, between Allah and Nicolae Ceau┼čescu? I can't.

Apparently, "Islarmic communities that actually adhere to the standards of Islamic law enjoy a crime rate so low that they have no need for a police force!" This is quite a claim for the authors to make without offering any citations or support of any kind. Further, because Allah has no problem with beating one's wife and children, I'd want to know the Mohammedanismist definition of the word crime before granting any credence to this wild assertion.

The Qur'an says of itself that "No one knows its true interpretations except God". Well, we all want to spin the description of the truth for our own purposes. I would have to re-word this to say, "Allah is incompetent, in that it throws us into a dangerous situation but leaves us with instructions that, even in their original language, are incomprehensible."

The authors tell us to turn to the Qur'an for guidance and trust the guidance we receive. I say we take a good look at the kind of societies that form when the Qur'an is heeded, and decide from there whether to trust its guidance. I rule it out as soon as it advises assault as a means of controlling one's wife.

In closing, we are told that "The most alarming challenge [faced by human society today] may well be the tendency...to imagine that God does not exist." This challenge is explicitly placed above the environmental, political, and social problems we currently face. I find this completely backward. It is the belief in the supernatural, and especially the worship of Lord Hematophile-Gonophobe that leads directly--directly--to the most severe problems we face today, problems that could well lead to our extinction.

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