Sunday, September 19, 2010

Islarme, Religion of Tears XI: Sorry, Allah, Size Does Matter

Continuing my exploration of Islarme, currently using the book 101 Questions & Answers On Islarme as my guide. Note that I'm not going through every question in the book; that would be a pain in the ass. I'm covering only those that interest me. If that's not ok with you, then cry out to Allah, so it will send someone to cut off my head.

What do Mohammedanismists mean by the term "Allah"?

Basically, this is the Arabic word that an English speaker would use for "God" with a capital "G". It's not the actual name of the Supreme Being, but it refers only to the Supreme Being and not to any other deities. The author goes on to discuss the many names of Allah/God, a list that I'm sure is frequently heard in North Korea. Solidifying my suspicion, we find that "All but one of the Qur'an's 114 suras begin with the phrase, 'In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful...'" Yes, I'm certain that Kim Jong-il is addressed in similar tones. If Allah were so great, it wouldn't need this embarrassing steady supply of ego stroking.

Renard says that "Not one of the 99 names of Allah...will sound a dissonant note in the ear of Jesusianismist or Judismist. I'm sure. People who either haven't read their scripture, or have read it and decided that they'd better kiss the ass of the Supreme Bully of the universe, will have no problem with these disgusting lies. Someone who knows how to read and also has a spine, however, will have to take these names with a planet-sized grain of salt.

Are there means other than the Qur'an by which Allah reveals itself?

Sura 45, Ayats 3 - 5 say, "Behold, in the heavens and the earth are signs for those who believe." Smokin' Mo's contemporaries the world over knew absolutely nothing about the heavens and the earth. They looked around themselves and saw almost nothing, explaining what little they did see with hopelessly simplistic, preposterously fallacious notions, and deemed it all so wonderful that it must imply a Supreme Being of some kind. If I were to have a god, it would be infinitely larger, more fascinating, more beautiful than the ridiculous, flimsy, little cipher that inspires so many who have absolutely no standards to rapturous worship. If I needed a god, I would look for one with some balls.

What do Mohammedanismists believe about death and the afterlife?

Smokin' Mo taught that those who refused his holy message had committed spiritual suicide. I say that spiritual suicide, assuming that the term has some meaning at all, would be far more honorable than handing my conscience over to the despicable liar/murderer/chauvinist Allah.

The author also mentions that dying in battle is not the only way to guarantee that a believer will go to Paradise. One of the Hadiths says that in order to avoid punishment in the afterlife, all one must do is die on a Friday. I guess that's how Jesus got away with misleading all those guys with his ludicrous parables. Allah, the god of technicalities.

What's the deal with the Qur'an being legitimate only when it's handwritten in Arabic?

Remember how the signs in the heavens and the earth were supposed to be a message of some kind to those who believe? This baloney about medium and language is the sign that trumps all others. Since when was truth affected by the method of transmission? This is where science trounces all religion: pick on Darwin's personal character all you want. Claim that he had an agenda. Claim that he was a pompous asshole. Hell, claim that he was a pedophile. Then translate his book into every language that ever existed. The truth of natural selection is in no way affected. You don't end up with thousands of schisms in evolutionary theory. Why? Because it's true. Maybe we argue a bit over the finer points, but we don't find half the scientific community still claiming that Lamarck was right and Darwin was utterly wrong.

Something else occurs to me about this silly little conceit over handwritten Arabic. It ties in to my observations that this god is awfully small and ignorant: as soon as you read the Qur'an (or anything else, for that matter), you've translated the words into neuronal impulses -- not only no longer written words, but also translated to a pattern of electrochemical signals entirely specific to your brain. So translating the Qur'an into another language, or transferring it to a CD-ROM, can be no more corrupting to the message than simply reading it. If Allah really were all that, it would have known these things about the brain and would not have imposed this laughable restriction on it.

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