Friday, September 10, 2010

Islarme, Religion of Tears IV: Yet Again, But How Do You Know?

Continuing my thoughts on Islarme, using The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Koran, by authors Sarwar and Torpov, as a provisional guide. Here I pontificate on Chapter 3, which is a miserably failed endeavor to dispel some of the more common myths about Islarme, the two most dismal tries being their assertion that terrorism is a perversion of the faith, and their attempt to show that women are not regarded as inferior to men.
  • The authors follow the same philosophy as that used in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam: one of their key defenses of the faith takes the form of, "Jesusianism is just as bad!" They compare the 9/11 attacks with the Crusades, and rightly so. They call these atrocities perversions of their respective faiths. I'm not so sure about that; having actually read the bible, I find the claims that Jesusianism is all about peace and love to be rather hollow. But more to the point, the people involved in these so-called perversions do not perceive themselves as evildoers. In fact, they sincerely believe that they are faithful servants, receiving full approval from their deity. Further, they sincerely believe that you are the one perverting the faith. This ties in with my "Challenge to Theists III" YouTube video. How can anyone, inside or outside your faith, know which one of you is interpreting your holy writ correctly?
  • In an attempt to show that Islarme is civilized about marriage and not inherently hostile to women, there is some discussion that although Islarme allows a man to have up to four wives, the Qur'an is "the only sacred text within any major religious system...[advising men] to marry only one wife." Sura 33 Ayat 35 is mentioned; it's a tedious laundry list of attributes that Allah prefers in humans; it is presented to "make it clear how alien the idea of 'inferiority' of women is" in Islarme. Men are "envisioned as protectors and maintainers of women" in Sura 4 Ayat 34, and later in Ayat 124 people of both sexes who enter Paradise are promised that they "will not suffer the least bit of injustice." That's one side of the scale. But what is on the other side? Is a woman allowed to have multiple husbands? I'm going to guess "no". Someone please tell me if I'm misrepresenting your wonderful religion. Does any woman, under any circumstances, get 72 sex slaves in Paradise? 72 guys that listen to her with undivided attention and understand her feelings entirely? I'm going to guess "no" again. And again, I'm open to any correction that anyone may have. So women don't get the same marriage rights as men, and they don't get any comparable reward in Paradise. Maybe they get equal treatment when they have committed a crime? Let's have a look at an execution in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1958, where a man and woman have been convicted of together murdering the woman's husband:
  • The unending procession of brand new giant American cars nosed slowly along the dusty street. The shop windows nearby were crammed with glittering goods--refrigerators and air-conditioners from America, cameras from Germany, electrical fittings from Italy...[The convicted man, in chains, was led, walking, to a carpet in front of a nephew of the king. There he knelt while his crimes were proclaimed to the crowd of onlookers. The] executioner...bent and touched the kneeling man lightly on the back with his finger. Instinctively the man started, and in so doing raised his head. On the instant, with a swift and expert blow, the executioner decapitated him.
    Now a woman was dragged forward...The recital of her crime too was read out as she knelt, and then the executioner stepped forward with a wooden stave and dealt a hundred blows with all his strength upon her shoulder...Next, a lorry loaded with rocks and stones was backed up and its cargo deposited in a pile. At a signal from the prince the crowd leaped on the stones and started pelting the woman to death. I was difficult to determine how she was facing her last and awful ordeal, since she was veiled in Muslarme fashion and her mouth was gagged to muffle her cries. [The doctor in attendance halted the stoning periodically to feel the victim's pulse. After just over an hour of this torture the doctor announced her dead.]
    Please, someone tell me that this had nothing to do with Islarme. Tell me that the reasoning behind the woman's horrible punishment was that the murder victim was her spouse, that if a man and a woman murder the man's wife, then the man receives the same fate as the woman in this story. Once again, I have to guess "no". Women get no respect whatsoever as Muslarmes.
  • In closing, the authors return to their idiotic argument that Muslarmes are no worse than anyone else, saying, "Yes, some Muslarmes do commit acts of terror (as do Christians, Jews, agnostics, atheists, and people of every other faith)." I have to call bullshit on this one. It probably is true that some agnostics and atheists commit acts of terror. The fact that I can't think of any offhand is irrelevant, so I'll grant that part of the argument. The bullshit part is the attempt to equate the evil acts of agnostics and atheists with the evil acts of people of faith. Once again I have to point out that almost all terrorism committed by religious people is done in the name of their religion and/or their god. No agnostic has ever committed an act of terrorism in the name of not knowing whether there are any gods. No atheist has ever committed an act of terrorism in the name of a lack of belief in any gods. It seems to me that Mohammedanismists have a lot in common with Jesusianismists, in this instance their obvious understanding that truth, clear reasoning, and honest debate will never convert anyone to their faith.

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