Saturday, March 6, 2010

Would you still love him if 7-year-olds go to hell?

This one is particularly horrifying. Look at the answers from Christians, especially.

There seems to be no consensus, but I am alarmed and sickened by the number of you who believe that 7-year-old kids can go to hell, to burn in agony, for all eternity, with no hope of dying or escaping. This makes me sick to my stomach.

Obviously, those of you who already think that there will be 7-year-olds in hell, you've figured out a way to love that god anyway. I have to say, you people are monsters.

But those of you who don't see 7-year-olds there: what if it's true? Would you still love God if, on judgment day, you saw him throwing 7-year-olds into the fire? Would you still praise him 24/7 for eternity? I ask because if I'm going to hate you people, I want it to be for a truthful reason; I don't want to invent a reason for hating you. Think I'm ugly for using the word hate? Try really, really imagining a 7-year-old burning in fire, not even able to burn to death, just screaming and flailing and begging for mercy, like I did when I was a little kid being tortured.

Do you have the courage to face what your god will do at the judgment? Those of you who have never seen or experienced genuine suffering, I bet you won't have the nerve. When you get there, and see me being thrown in, I challenge you to remember this post. You don't realize that you're hiding behind the most disgusting version of the Nuremberg Defense that ever existed.

Answer from "Rene O", appallingly chosen by the Answers community as the best answer!

Only those who reject Jesus go to Hell. If a 7 year old rejects Jesus, sure, they, too can go to Hell. God knows our heats and they are evil!

Note that this was so horrifying that I thought that "Rene O" must be joking. I double-checked with her personally. She really believes this. I cannot believe that anyone would follow such a god.

Answer from "Red"

who cares what you think? who are you? god is the judge, a just and loving god who created everyone and he says he'll judge rightfully and fairly. i trust him and his judgment. what you have to say and think aint didlysquat

Answer from "cloudyskys3841"

You are forgetting, God knew us before we were born
He knows who is going to accept him, he is all knowing
You have to be able to accept the fact, that he is in control and knows best

Finally, a sane answer from "<3"

Well, I don't believe in God. But IF I did, and I saw that, I would choose to go to Hell. I wouldn't want to be in Heaven if that kinda stuff happened up in there.

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  1. Another disgusting aspect of religion was highlighted here: "God knew us before we were born". This means that "god" creates people KNOWING that they are going to end up in hell -- since he knows who is going to end up "rejecting god" and who is not. So he's essentially creating people just to see them suffer eternally. This is disgusting. If a god exists, he/she/it is not the one portrayed in religions like these.