Saturday, June 5, 2010

We need more interracial and intercultural marriages

From BBC News online: Cairo court rules on Egyptians married to Israeli women: 

A court in Cairo has upheld a ruling urging the government to consider stripping of their citizenship Egyptian men who are married to Israeli women.

No, no, no, you guys, this is absolutely the wrong thing to do. We need to encourage interracial and intercultural marriage as much as possible. We have to stop worrying about racial purity and national security, which are exactly the things that Egyptian lawyer Nabih el-Wahsh is trying to preserve: 

The lawyer who brought the case, Nabih el-Wahsh, said it was aimed at protecting Egyptian youth and Egypt's national security.

He says that offspring of marriages between Egyptian men and Israeli women should not be allowed to perform military service.

There should not be a new generation "disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world", he said.
What he doesn't seem to realize is that when nuclear war happens, Arabs and Israelis and Norwegians and Australians and Americans will all have the same fate. Same for global starvation, climate mayhem, pandemics. We're all going to feel the pain equally. We have to stop us-and-them-ing right away.

I think I'll try to send an email to this guy and ask him to drop his case and start working in the other direction.

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